Action / Comedy

Special Labor Inspector, Mr Jo

After being thrown out of judo for protesting about the corruption in the sport, Jo Jin-gab (Kim Dong-wook) starts working at a school as a gym teacher but his strong sense of justice lands him in hot water again and he loses his job. 

He decides to live quietly as a civil servant and takes the exam.  Everything goes well until he is appointed as the labor inspector at the Ministry of Employment and Labor where he finds himself slipping back into his normal self when he finds unfair treatment by those in power.

Also Known As: Special Labor Inspector Jo, Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo, Special Labor Inspection Team
Directed by: Park Won-kook
Written by: Kim Ban-di
Starring: Kim Dong-wook, Park Se-young, Ryu Deok-hwan, Kim Kyung-nam
Extended Cast: Seol In-ah, Oh Dae-hwan, Lee Won-jong, Kang Seo-joon, Song Ok-sook, Yoo Su-bin
Original network: MBC TV
Original release: 8 April 2019 – 28 May 2019
No. of episodes: 32
Running Time: 35 minutes
Executive producer(s): Choi Jin-ho, Kim Sung-jo
Production Company(s): Silkwood, Hello Contents
Distributor: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation