melodrama / romance

still you

Cha Soon-young (Shin Eun-kyung) agrees to legally divorce her husband Na Han-joon (Kim Seung-soo) to settle his business affairs, but soon finds her marriage under threat when another woman, Kang Chae-rin (Wang Bit-na) arrives on the scene.  She hatches a plan to get her husband back by through his rival Kang Woo-jin (Song Jae-hee), but things don’t quite go according to plan as she finds herself falling for him.

Also Known As: You're Still the One
Directed by: Park Kyung-ryul
Written by: Park Eon-hee, Lee Hyun-jung
Starring: Shin Eun-kyung, Kim Seung-soo, Wang Bit-na, Song Jae-hee
Extended Cast: Jang Seo-won, Kim Sung-eun, Lee Se-na, Yoon Mun-sik, Lee Chae-mi, Kim Sung-kyum, Park Jung-soo, Lee Eun-jung, Lee Deok-hee, Yoon Hyun-min, Go Myung-hwan, Hwang Hyo-eun, Nam Kyung-eub, Jung Ye-ji, Seo Yun-ah, Jang Ka-hyun
Original network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release: 21 May 2012 – 3 December 2012
No. of episodes: 124
Running Time: 30 minutes
Production Company(s): Shinyoung E&C Group, SBS Plus
Source: SBS