The Road Home

The Road Home follows the life and times of trials and tribulations of three different generations who work and manage a hospital

Also Known As: The Way Home, On the Way Home
Directed by: Moon Bo-hyun
Written by: Lee Geum-rim, Park Ji-sook
Starring: Lee Sang-woo, Jang Shin-young, Shim Hyung-tak, Jo Yeo-jeong, Park Hye-won, Ryohei Otani
Extended Cast: Jang Yong, Youn Yuh-jung, Park Geun-hyung, Yoo Yeon-mi, Chae Jae-dol, Im Ye-jin, Lee Dae-yeon, Kim So-young, Choi Min-hwan, Han Ji-hee, Lee Bo-hee, Ban Hyo-jung, Jung Jae-soo, Kim Byung-sun, Yang Hee-kyung, Kim Joo-hwan, Yoo Hyung-hwan, Jung Soo-young, Seo Hoo, Min Joon-hyun, Lee Tae-seung, Cha Ji-yeon, Kang Cho-hee, Lee Jin-wook
Original network: KBS1
Original release: 12 January 2009 –26 June 2009
No. of episodes: 120
Running Time: 30 minutes
Producer(s): Han Chul-kyung
Distributor: Korean Broadcasting System