The Veil

While investigating an organised crime ring Top NIS agent Han Ji-hyuk (Namkoong Min) disappears without a trace. Upon his return, he becomes determined to expose the conspiracy that led to his disappearance regardless of the consequences. 

Also Known As: Black Sun
Directed by: Kim Sung-yong
Written by: Park Seok-ho
Starring: Namkoong Min, Park Ha-sun, Kim Ji-eun
Extended Cast: Kwon So-hyun, Yoo Oh-sung, Kim Byung-gi
Original network: MBC
Original release: 1 September 2021
No. of episodes: 12
Executive producer(s): Kim Myung, Yoo Hong-ku, Kelly SH, Song Dun-do
Producer(s): Kim Je-bok
Production Company(s): MBC, 3Mana Creative Ateod Co. Ltd.
Distributor: MBC, Waave
Source: MBC