Romance / Mystery

Devilish Joy

Devilish Joy catapults you in with its depiction of a very romantic and beautiful encounter between two strangers – brought together by coincidence and held together by love at first sight. Fate then throws a curve ball and you are left reeling by a tragic set of circumstances that tears the two apart for three years, until they meet again.

Also Known As: Ma-seong's Joy, Devilish Charm, Devilish Happiness, Diabolic Happiness
Directed by: Kim Ga-ram
Written by: Choi Ji-yeon
Starring: Choi Jin-hyuk, Song Ha-yoon, Lee Ho-won, Lee Joo-yeon
Extended Cast: Lee Soo-ji, Kim Min-sang, Jung Soo-gyo, Kang Yoon-je, Kim Ji-young, Oh Kwang-rok, Jung Ae-hwa, Joon Soo-kyung Lee Jung-hyuk, Kwon Hyuk-soo, Ahn Se-ha, Park Soo-ah
Original network: MBN, Dramax
Original release: 5 September 2018 – 25 October 2018
No. of episodes: 16
Executive producer(s): Kim Yong-hoon
Production Company(s): Golden Thumb Pictures, iHQ
Distributor: MBN, Dramax
Source: Dramax