drama / romance


As one of the highest rating Korean Dramas of all time, Sandglass provides a realistic and vivid depiction of the turbulent political times in Korea’s history during the 1970s and 1980s through the lens of three friends, Park Tae-soo (Choi Min-soo), Kang Woo-suk (Park Sang-won) and Yoon Hye-rin (Go Hyun-jung) who struggle to come to terms with the events following the Gwangju Uprising.

Also Known As: The Hourglass
Directed by: Kim Jong-hak
Written by: Song Ji-na
Starring: Choi Min-soo, Park Sang-won, Go Hyun-jung
Extended Cast: Lee Jung-jae, Park Geun-hyung, Jung Sung-mo, Jo Min-su, Lee Seung-yeon, Kim Jong-gyul, Jo Kyung-hwan, Kim Byung-ki, Jo Hyung-ki, Kim In-moon, Jang Hang-sun, Kim Young-ae, Im Hyun-sik Kim Jung-hyun, Hong Kyung-in, Lee Hee-do, Maeng Sang-hoon, Lee Doo-il, Park Young-ji, Son Hyun-joo, Jung Myung-hwan, Kim Jung-hak, Han Kyung-sun, Choi Jae-ho, Kim Myung-gook, Do Yong-gook, Park Sang-jo
Original network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release: 10 January 1995 – 16 February 1995
No. of episodes: 24