Family / Comedy

Super Daddy Yeol

Successful doctor and single mother Cha Mi-rae (Lee Yoo-ri) is diagnosed with terminal cancer and decides to seek our her ex Han Yeol (Lee Dong-gun), a retired baseball player and someone she considered a hopeless case when they broke up.  She sets her sights on transforming him into the perfect father figure for her daughter, but it is not as easy at is seems.

Also Known As: Super Daddy Yul
Directed by: Song Hyun-wook, Lee Jong-jae
Written by: Kim Kyung-se
Starring: Lee Dong-gun, Lee Yoo-ri, Lee Re
Extended Cast: Seo Jun-young, Seo Yi-ji, Kang Nam-gil, Kim Mi-kyung, Lee Han-wi, Jang Gwang, Choi Min, Park Joo-hyung, Choi Dae-chul, Jung Ji-ah, Choi Kwon-soo, Lee Young-eun, Oh Joo-eun, Kim Hye-na, Han Young, Han Groo
Original network: tvN
Original release: 13 March 2015 – 2 May 2015
No. of episodes: 16
Running Time: 65 minutes
Executive producer(s): Lee Chan-ho, Choi Kyung-sook
Producer(s): Choi Jin-hee, Park Ji-young, Shin Dae-shik, Ham Seung-hoon
Production Company(s): tvN
Source: tvN